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Credit Disability Insurance

Peace of Mind For You....Financial Security For Your Family

  • Borrow with complete peace of mind, knowing that your loan commitments will never become liabilities for your loved ones.
  • Credit Disability Insurance will provide your monthly payments on behalf of you or your co-borrower in the event of disability through sickness or accident.

Ideal For Today's Lifestyles

  • This is insurance for the way we live today. Half of all Canadian households are two income families. The loss of one income through disability may jeopardize your family's financial situation.
  • That's why Credit Disability Insurance is a popular solution. It is excellent coverage that is ideal for a wide range of people who want to safeguard themselves and their family from unwanted financial obligations.

Pennies A Day Coverage

  • The premium for this coverage is low and affordable. In fact, it's only pennies a day and can be added to your loan payment. Call Quill Lake Credit Union for full details.

Protection For You And Co-Borrower

  • You can protect yourself or you can choose joint coverage, which will protect you and a co-borrower. It's peace of mind from the time your loan begins.

It's Easy to Enroll

  • If you're eligible for a loan, you probably meet the minimum eligibility requirements for this coverage. Ask for it when your apply for your loan.

Member Term Life Insurance

  • Designed to provide life insurance protection for large financial commitments or it can be used as personal insurance protection.
  • Members Term Life is a Five or Ten Year Renewable and Convertible Level Term insurance program.
  • The term selected indicates how often the coverage will renew.
  • Coverage renews automatically at the end of the Term of coverage, Five or Ten Years, without providing Evidence of Insurability.
  • Coverage terminated on the certificate anniversary date next following the 70th birthday of the insured.
  • This insurance can be converted to any Whole Life level premium plan of insurance prior to the certificate anniversary date next following the 65th birthday of the Insured.
  • Coverage is available to any eligible member age 15 to 65. The minimum amount of coverage available is $10,000 with a maximum of $500,000.
  • There is reduced rates for non-smokers.
  • Monthly, semi-annual, or annual payment plans are available.