Tips to Help Prevent Identity Theft:

Two very useful Identity Theft tools are available from Consumer Measures Committee (CMC).  The first is the Consumer Identity Theft Kit.  This kit identifies strategies for consumers to help them reduce the risk of becoming a victim of identity theft.  It also contains steps that advise consumers on what to do if they are a victim as well as tips on what they can do to minimize the damages.

The Consumer Identity Theft Kit includes:

  • Consumer Identity Theft Checklist
  • Tips for Reducing the Risk of Identity Theft
  • Identity Theft - What to do if it happens to you
  • Identity Theft Statement - For victims to fill in and present to their financial institution, etc.
  • The Identity Theft Statement:  Frequently Asked Questions

The second useful tool is the Business Identity Theft Kit.  In this kit, business owners can learn how to protect their customers' personal information along with tips for reducing the risk of theft, what to do when a thief strikes and information on what and how to tell customers about a breach.

The Business Identity Theft Kit includes:

  • Business Identity Theft Checklist
  • Identity Theft:  A Consumer Issue for Business
  • Tips for reducing the risk
  • What To Do When a Thief Strikes
  • Tools:  What and How To Tell Customers About a Breach
  • Print Version of the Business Identity Theft Kit (pdf)

Industry Canada has a consumer connection web page for consumer education on "Protecting Yourself Against Debit Card Fraud. " Click here to visit this site.