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MasterCard "Payment" Card

The card that acts like a cheque. Your purchase is paid for with funds from your account, or attached Line of credit and appears on your monthly account statement. The card can be used at an Automated Banking Machine (ABM), with the use of your Personal Identification Number (PIN), to access cash, inquire or deposit to your account.

MasterCard "Credit" Card Family

The Credit Union MasterCard Credit Card is accepted worldwide, with the "Buy now, pay later" convenience. We offer your choice of six different MasterCard Credit Cards. Ranging from a "no-fee" Student Card to the full featured "fee based" Gold and Platinum cards. Present your card at a financial institution for a cash advance or access an ABM by using your PIN. If you make your payment within the grace period after your statement date, you pay no interest charges.


Member Card "Debit" Card

The Credit Union Member "Debit" Card opens the door to a new world of "Interac Direct Payment" where a Direct Payment Symbol appears. Your member card will allow you to pay for purchases instantly at participation merchants. You will be asked to key in your "PIN" Personal Identification Number on a merchant PIN Pad, then confirm your total and the purchase amount will be transferred from your account immediately.

Your MemberCard, along with your PIN, also gives you access to your account at "ABM's" (Automated Banking Machines) worldwide to get cash. You can also make deposits, bill payments and transfers at Saskatchewan Credit Union ABM's.